it’s been a while for me!

i’ve been so caught up with relaxing (sounds funny, doesn’t it?) and enjoying my summer that i haven’t posted lately! i took a bit of a break from knitting for a few days to focus on hacking at my tbr pile, mostly because i think i had burnt myself out on knitting, but i’m back!

i knit a pair of ankle socks in the time that i’ve been gone!

shorty socks

they’re made out of Knitpicks Stroll Handpainted in the colorway ‘Sunny afternoon’. making these socks was really fun because i learned how to knit magic loop and two-at-a-time, both of which were much easier than i’d expected.

now that i’ve learned to knit this way, i really don’t think i’ll be making socks any other way again. in fact, i unraveled my hermione’s everyday sock (pictured here) that i had yet to make the second sock, and i joined it back to my ball of yarn so i can make TAAT socks. it seems like a much more efficient way to use up all of the yarn, and somehow, it feels like the knitting just flies by.


this time, i plan on making socks that go to my calves rather than ankle socks. i’ve had this yarn for ages (since i had just started knitting, i think) and it’s been knit and unraveled three or four times at this point, so i feel like it deserves to be used properly and made into a wonderful project.


i hope everyone is having a great sunday!





my Stormy Sky Shawl is coming along very slowly but surely. i’ve entered it in the My Sister’s Knitter Mother Nature KAL so i would like to have it done by june 30th to be eligible for the raffle prizes.


and i cast on for another project, can you believe it? i’ve been eyeing Caitlin Hunter’s Tegna pattern for a while and i ordered some lovely 80/20 merino/silk from knitpicks in the color “Velveteen” to start that.




i’m a little cranky with myself because i got 15 rows into the lace pattern (as seen on the right) before realizing that i twisted my stitches when i cast on and joined in the round. this especially sucks because for my tegna i had to cast on for 280 stitches (and that’s for the XS size!!) i had to frog everything and re-cast on and start again, and now i’m back on row one.


oh well! it’s summer and i have a lot of time to knit so it’s not the end of the world. on the other hand, i have a lot of time to read! i’m determined to make a dent in my goodreads tbr this summer and to spend a lot of time at the public library. more reading updates in the future 🙂


this post is joining ginny @ small things yarn-along. make sure to check out other posts on the link-up to see what others are knitting and reading!

flax update plus another cast on

hi everyone! it feels like it’s been a while since i posted but somehow it has only been four days. i do have some knitting updates though!


for my flax sweater, i’ve finished the body and began working on one of the sleeves. i wish i had circulars instead because using DPNs for the sleeves just feels kind of clunky and inefficient. i think the body is going to fit a bit short, like a cropped sweater, which is a bit more of my style anyway and will look nice, i think.


i cast on for a shawl to make for my grandma. i’ve never made a shawl before and i’ve been eyeing the golden fingering yarn i shared a few posts ago for quite some time, so i cast on for the stormy sky shawl by lifeiscozy!



i really like this pattern! i’ve never made a shawl before but my grandma gets chilly when she goes to church, so i thought it would be perfect for her. my instagram @knitteas has plenty of pictures of my knitting progress.


i cast this on for the my sister’s knitter mother nature KAL, where the theme was anything nature-related. i figured the name of this pattern fit perfectly! i’m having a really nice time knitting this beautiful lightweight shawl and i can’t wait to block it and take some nice pictures with it.



i hope everyone has a wonderful week!

i’ve been knitting like a madman (madwoman?)

my birthday passed a few days ago and, as a treat, my boyfriend took me to joann’s and told me to pick out some yarn. i picked out needles and yarn to start a Flax sweater, and within three days, i’d already finished the yoke and put the sleeves on waste yarn. today, i finished the body!




that picture above is from before i finished the body.


i really enjoy this pattern. sweaters seem much quicker and easier to knit than socks and i like them a lot more. i can’t wait to have a nice, fuzzy, warm sweater to wear when it gets chilly.

okay i lied, i cast on for a new project.

i was doing really well about only working on one blanket at a time, that blanket being my shell stitch blanket that i’ve been crocheting for a couple of months. but i was at walmart a few nights ago and saw all these great colors of Lion Brand Hometown (a chunky 100% acrylic) and i couldn’t resist. i bought four balls, each a diff. color, and some size 11 needles and brought that home.

there’s a pattern i’ve had saved to my ravelry library for a while called a blanket for seriously cold people, and it’s a very simple pattern – just a 2×2 blanket made of chunky yarn – so i cast on for that!


i am loving these bright, fun colors. the only trouble is that each ball of yarn is only 81yds and so i only get about 4 in. out of blanket from each color. it looks like i’ll be buying a lot more Hometown pretty soon.

upcoming finals

the semester is coming to a close, and so the intensity is ramping up. i have 3 finals coming up that i’m studying and reviewing for, and for a while i took a break and worked on my hermione’s everyday socks, but i think i burnt myself out on knitting socks for a bit.

i worked on the heel and gusset all in one night because i was really determined to get to the fun mindless part (the foot), but after a few gusset decreases i burnt myself out. my sock is now sitting on my desk, waiting to be continued.

i went back to crocheting my shell stitch blanket, though.

i’m really happy with this so far! i think i’m going to use the full 2 skeins of Lion Brand Mandala (colorway Genie). crocheting is so relaxing!

knitting around campus


hi friends! i hope everyone has been doing well lately. i’m currently sitting outside at a nice little patio table on campus. i’m done with classes for the day, so i’m free to enjoy the weekend now! i’ve been making some more (slow) progress on my hermione’s everyday socks. it’s been a really busy week and i’ve been studying a lot, but this weekend i plan on staying in and just watching some movies and relaxing, so i should make some progress 🙂



now that the sun is out, it’s becoming more clear to me how beautiful my college campus really is.