when it’s cold in texas, something is wrong

hi friends, and good afternoon. i’m a college student and lately i haven’t had as much time to knit as i’d like, but the weather’s been really ugly and cold lately, so i’ve been making time to make a cup of earl grey and knit here and there.


i’ve been knitting for about four years, and only recently have i began trying to knit a pair of socks, vanilla and toe-up, out of knitpicks felici in the colorway ‘wizard’ (which seems to have been discontinued). when i first began knitting, i ordered myself two balls of felici (at 50g each) because i wanted to make socks, but i didn’t realize exactly how far i was from that sock journey. last october, determination hit me and i picked up my yarn and my DPNs and found a youtube tutorial.


this project has been really satisfactory so far and i’m learning a lot of new techniques (judy’s magic cast on, german short rows, and a very neat but pesky stretchy bind-off), along with discovering what things i want to do differently next time i make socks. for example, i’m working on size 3 DPNs right now and am currently over halfway done with the second sock, but i wish i was using smaller needles (maybe a size 2) and i should have made the foot a bit longer. next time i think i’ll get an actual tape measure as well, because i’ve just been eyeballing my measurements, and while that’s working out decently, it isn’t as accurate as i’d want.




the written tutorial i am using can be found here along with the video tutorial, and here is my ravelry project page.


even though there are a few things about the sock that i wish i’d done a bit neater or differently, this is a lot of fun, and i’m really excited to be finished with my first pair of socks!